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måndag, december 12, 2005

Employments do not simply happen

Employments do not simply happen.

As a job finder or a job searcher you are in a fierce, competitive business. Your full time job is to find the job you want. What do you expect to achieve from "the posted CV procedure"? What´s your letter worth compared to hundreds of others.
To compete you need to be exceptionally active in the market-place. Do not give up simply because work does not develop immediately or is given to a job competitor. If your job target was worth choosing in the first place, then keep going even if initially the response is cold.

Show real energy. Have a clear focus to your job search activity. Traditionally job search and personal marketing have to go hand in hand although both are very definitely separate activities with different goals. Good personal marketing rolls out the red carpet for you. It prepares the way and makes your interview and meeting people process easier and more clearly understood. Always the pulse of all personal marketing activity is the market-place, that thriving busy environment where ideas develop and where the company needs become apparent. Somehow your personal marketing may be ahead of the job market prompting new employees.

Every job searching person should spend as much time as possible in the market-place among people in business and not by themselves at home writing job-letters or CVs. Any good job searcher will be able to use their own new network for finding out more information about companies and their complex needs. Do the company contacts need you? Through your contacts you should always be able to find someone who knows someone who knows something. Remember, you have a lot of skills and you are there to solve problems and to make things easier for someone. Keep in constant touch with people in the market-place, and you will, step by step, find your way to the job you want.

E Eklund

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